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    Casual sonic serenity to calm your mind.


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  • Harp Meditation For Deep Rest

    With a busy life its so important to allow time for stillness and rest, this is how the body heals itself and we believe there is nothing better than the serene tones of Lady Harp to nurture this inner state of well-being within us all.



    We welcome you to our informal and light hearted Harp Meditation. No special skills are required, just bring a smile, wear warm comfortable clothing and allow the captivating sounds of Lady Harp calm your whole being ... encouraging you release distractions of the banal so you can embrace your natural state of flow.

    You may wish to bring a yoga mat / blanket / pillow and eye mask for your comfort, as well as a bottle of water to sip.

    The Harp Meditation Experience


    We begin with a gentle guided meditation to ground us in the present, followed by the immersive sounds of Lady Harp and a ‘stream of consciousness’ improvisation by Gareth. Based upon 35+ years of music study, this improvisation is intended to draw in and calm the the thinking mind, allowing you, the listener to deeply rest in the secure embrace of Lady harps song. Due to the nature of this event, each session is as unique as the people in the room.

    Sound Healing and Sound Therapy can be a powerful & energising means of relaxation for the physical and energetic self, balancing your energy levels and inviting your whole being into a state of deep rest.

    The Potential Benefits

    * Increase and rebalance energy levels

    * Ease physical tension and ailments

    * Deeper rest, relaxation and sleep

    * Increase mental clarity and focus

    * Calming the nervous system

    * Relieve stress and anxiety

    * Release stuck emotions

    * Improve circulation

  • What to Expect

    Each experience is different, but heres a general outline of these peaceful events.


    Turn up and Build a nest

    Whether your at an 'in-person' event or checking in online, its so important to prepare your resting space so its warm and comfortable and you know you won't be disturbed. (15 min)


    Lay back and Rest

    Allow Lady Harp to pacify your mind so your soul can soar. This is your time to really connect with your whole being. This is not purpose driven or goal orientated, it is simply an opportunity to let the noise go, and allow the gentle potency of your heart to resonate through you completely. (45 min)


    Return rested and energised

    Slowly awakening from your convalescence, perhaps you will be able to see things anew;

    be more considered in your actions;

    more aware of your dominant thoughts:

    better able to see constrictive cyclic thinking patterns and therefore able choose to move in more nourishing and expansive directions.


    Gather things and Venture into the night...

    This can be an affirming process for anyone that chooses to share, these events can reveal both comfortable and uncomfortable experiences and generally speaking, everyone benefits from thsee sharings. Your voice counts.


    Gather things and Venture into the night...

    Say farewell to your fellow acoustic revellers and head off into a delightfully peaceful week ahead.


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