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    We began, lady harp and myself in early spring 2022

    simply as a personal creative challenge,

    “To create, record and share a new harp meditation every day”.

    Everything else has been surrendered to the gods…Who knows what will happen ?!


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    You can now listen to our full-length 'stream of consciousness' meditations.

    Just put on your headphone and let Lady Harp clear your woes.

  • Plans made in sand

    Catch us if you can


    St Anne's Arts Centre



    An extended meditation for Deep Rest. 

    Tickets available on Eventbrite or Email us here

    7:30pm, St Anne's


    St Anne's Arts Centre



    An extended meditation for Deep Rest. 

    Tickets available on Eventbrite or Email us here

    7:30pm, St Anne's

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  • What People Say

    Gareth's music is a luminous expression of a deep connection with the Divine. Each time I hear him play I'm transported beyond myself. He has an amazing wellspring of talent that creates the most exquisite music, bringing peace and tranquillity into the moment and into life. Kate Seren @looktothewild / https://kseren.substack.com/

    What People Say

    Gareth’s music is intrinsically linked to the nature he creates and plays it in - and that’s the key to his healing harp genius - when you listen and immerse yourself you can feel the synchronous healing vibrations of nature and harp not just at a physical level but harmonising and activating all your energetic bodies - deeply powerful stuff!

    Elisabeth Philipps @drelisabethphilipps

    What People Say

    You really bring some very beautiful, pure energy through the harp, certainly angelic and enable people to slip into this energy effortlessly...“

    Clare Cooper @beautifulbeginningsyoga

    What People Say

    It was a very gentle and restorative session, with the harp music leading us on a journey. Two of the women expressed how it was the only time during Savasana that they were able to be completely in the moment! Now that is a skill Gareth.

    Natalie Lindon @natsyogajourney

    What People Say

    Awe-inspiring…a most wonderful accompaniment for our Yin Yoga…all our participants were so blissed out afterwards. I was impressed by how intuitively he read the room and assimilated seamlessly with me as a teacher to co-create a remarkably serene and beautiful class. Please come back soon! Anne-Marie @evolveyogawigton

  • Origins & growing diary

    First 9 months


    OneMInuteHarpMeditations is born, March 2022. A reimagining of an old vision, to create an app, over flowing with meditative harp improvisations that the listener can shape to their own design. It got shelved for several reasons, but mainly costs … fast forward 5 years and it occurred to the author, “just use Instagram, its free and the posts loop automatically”

    BOOM 💥 >>> Infinite Harp ✨


    Beginning as a personal creative challenge to consistently create, document and present daily for a year … OMHM is beginning to have its own life force and the harpers fingers seem content to allow the Tao to play through them. Different things get added and new connections made and give or take a day or two…generally speaking the daily posts keep coming.⭐️


    As the author writes (07/22) there are over one hundred harp meditations available on instagram, with 4 “best of the month” compilations available on SoundCloud and several guided meditations, wonderful collaborative creations with fellow explorers of the cosmos including a witch doctor, a true wizard, an elvan queen a future seer and a breath work adventurer … all excellent humans.


    Website goes live with the charming name OMHM.IO

    The author is delighted, while concurrently knowing that it means nothing to anyone but he.

    So here’s the explanation.

    OM = yoga sound of the universe ⭐️

    HM = Harp meditations, obviously; and…

    .IO is Indian Ocean territories, gamers like it as it correlates nicely with computer speak, meaning Input/Output.

    N.B The harper is not a gamer, sunsets and horizons are too good.🔆


    Your man here learns that 6am is the best time to post so that most people see it. This works for a short time, then the reality of waking at 6 am becomes oppressive. And if the deadline is missed, the reality that a meditation will not reach the optimum number of folks diminishes motivation, and posts dwindle…things get slack for a couple of months until he gets his act together, tightens everything up and the machine runs smoothly once again.

    Daily posts at 6am

    Why doesn’t someone suggest automation?…🤦‍♂️


    It occurs to the harper, whilst bimbling in Western Cumbria that he could reach out to yoga teachers in the area, to see if he can accompany classes. A fortuitous phone call and welcome introduction be the lovely Natalie Lindon is great success and leads to introductions to a whole community of Yoginis.

    Off the back of this a tour is formed…and #OneMinuteHarpMeditations goes on the road 🤩

    First tour lined up Jan-Mar 2023


    We liked West Cumbria so much we stayed there for 6 months, parked up alongside the best swimming lake, surrounded by the most beautiful mountains, in sight of the evenings vanishing sun. immersed In a rich culture of art and song as dashing and robust as mountain gorse and heather. Yes, we do indeed like West Cumbria.

    its a bitter sweet departure, sad to be leaving yet excited to be on the road once more...just as the heat of May draws out the fresh green of the valley trees.


    Leaving a vibrant, lush, buzzing Cumbria can only be replaced by one other thing. The North Devon Coast. Arriving early June 2023, we plan to stay the summer. Old friends reconnected, we bring gifts of our journey northward. Live events are set up, the sea invites us warmly to jump right in and all things shine a luminous glow of summer life. Summer in Devon is divine.

    Now we go live online as well as live in person. 🙌


    Summer in Devon, what a lovely bunch, so kind, generous & helpful. We have some great friends down there, but it wasn't all sunshine and buttercups ... yet uncomfortable lessons are rarely forgotten. And for this we are grateful, leaving somewhat bruised and a whole lot wiser. We now understand that boundaries are important and one must be explicit in this regard. We've come to realise the infinate potential that is available between these harp strings, and yet to be heard one needs to be a able to hear...


    Returning to Cumbria to build on connections made in the first year was another difficult lesson which has opened up conversations about the whole project...it has after all met its initial ambition; to record and post daily for a year. A year and a half in, with 444 harp loops freely available, several long-from Harp Meditations and some potent collaborations.

    unfortunately, after a simple cost-benefit analysis, we cant find the "why" any more.

    We're currently stepping back to gather our thoughts and make room for new inspiration.

  • Have longer than a minute?


    Listen to these LongPlayer mixes🎧🧘‍♂️...and soften into a bed of sonic silk.

    (Featured: #OMHM404 Recorded Tue 18th, July 2023)


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